1/35 Fruits & Veggies

This collection of fresh produce will add realism to any market or picnic scene, featuring details such as stems and leafs.

  • 10 unpainted, highly detailed apples, peppers, pears and garlic, made in-house by Precise Modeling team.
  • Limited Edition release. Hand-signed by one of the Sklyar family craftsmen responsible for the particular kit.
  • Created using latest 3D printing technology, with layer thickness ranging from 10-25 microns (0.01-0.025mm)!
  • 3D printed using the highest quality materials and tools.
  • Made only in California, USA and/or Alberta, Canada. We do this to adhere to our high standard of quality – we never outsource our production.


Buy Now

1 kit $30
2 for $50 (save $10)
3 for $70 (save $20)
4 for $90 (save $30)

Contact for larger quantities.

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